Bower Fuji NP-60 / Pentax D-L12 Battery for Bell & Howell DV30HD Camera XPDF60


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This digital camera battery replaces the Fuji NP-60. It provides excellent battery life and boasts 3.7V and 2000 mAh. It fits these camera models: HP R967, R937, R927, R847, R837, R827, R818, R817, R727, R725, R717, R707v, R707, Panasonic SV-PT1, SV-AV20, SV-AV100, SV-AV35, SV-AV30, SV-AV25EG-S, SV-AV25, SV-AV10-S Series, SV-AS3A, Kodak 6MP, Z7321KX, LS753, LS743, LS443, LS433, LS420, DX7630, DX6490, CX7440, 1, Samsung V800, V700, U-CA 505, U-CA 501, U-CA 5, U-CA 4, U-CA 3, Vivitar 4000, V3930, DVR-550, DVR-530, DVR-390H, Toshiba DC-5300, PDR-T30, PDR-T20, PDR-BT-3, Allegretto 5300, FujiFilm F50i, F410, F401Z, 601