Cisco Catalyst 4912G – switch – 12 ports – managed Specs


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With the industry trending towards Gigabit Ethernet Data Center server farms, the need for high-speed connections becomes necessary to protect network infrastructures from rapidly advancing server NIC speed increases. Regardless whether your network is designed using a Client/Server or Portal model, the need for Gigabit speed connections in the Data Center server farms to meet the requirements of browser-based networking is widespread. The Catalyst 4912G is an ideal Gigabit speed concentrator for any data center. Providing intelligent bandwidth, this switch is ready to efficiently enhance the multicasting, multimedia and data convergence needs of large and small server farms. High speed interconnects to the Core backbone are enhanced with EtherChannel links providing load-balancing, fault-detecting, failure recovering connections based on industry standard interfaces (IEEE 802.3z) and protocols (IEEE 802.1D).

The Catalyst 4912G is a cost-effective, high performance, feature-rich dedicated Gigabit Ethernet switch ideally suited for customers requiring Layer-2 switching for up to 12 1000 Mbps connections, and links that scale to 8 Gbps. This new Catalyst has a non-blocking 24-Gbps architecture enabling all ports to operate simultaneously at wire speed. All 12 Gigabit uplinks support standard “GBIC” technology enabling the customer the modular flexibility to select and change Gigabit interfaces in the 4912G quickly, easily and inexpensively. All interfaces scale intelligently with EtherChannel support. The 4912G features a dedicated configuration of 12 modular Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports. Fully integrated into the Catalyst family of switches, the 4912G uses the same Catalyst system software as the industry-leading Catalyst 5000/5500 platforms thereby ensuring complete interoperability with existing Catalyst switches. The combination of high port density, wire-speed performance, rich software feature-set, and affordable cost-per-port makes the Catalyst 4912G an excellent choice for high-speed network implementations.

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internal power supply

Nominal Voltage

AC 120/230 V

Voltage Required Margin

± 10%

Voltage Required

AC 110/220 V


Gigabit Ethernet

Form Factor


Connectivity Technology