Dell 0X6955 Pv122t 160/320gb SDLT 320 LVD Autoloader


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Dell X6955 PowerVault 122T is designed to deliver a cost-effective automated backup solution. Consolidating your server backup with an autoloader can help lower the overall cost of your hardware, as one PowerVault 122T can be used to back up multiple servers. Automated tape backup solutions can also help reduce the cost of your management overhead because many basic functions, such as switching out cartridges, do not need your full attention. Providing outstanding technology at an attractive price, the PowerVault 122T is ideal for organizations that need to make the most of limited IT resources.

The versatile PowerVault 122T offers an ideal automation entry point for small to medium organizations or an excellent distributed backup solution for remote offices or workgroups within a large organization. Delivering the benefits of automated tape backup technology in a space-conscious 2U form factor, the PowerVault 122T tape autoloader is designed for simplicity. It is easy to use with an intuitive LCD panel and it can be integrated with Dell Tape Backup Software by Yosemite TapeWare or VERITAS. You can automatically set backups to run at your convenience and back up your critical data without human intervention.

In addition to helping you simplify your backup, the PowerVault 122T tape autoloader gives you the power you need for high capacity near-line or archived automated storage.

The PowerVault 122T tape autoloader gives you a reliable backup solution that can provide high data integrity in the event of a disaster and data recovery to help prevent the loss of mission-critical information. Plus, the low cost of the autoloader can enable more frequent backups, and multiple copies of your data enable off-site storage for extra protection against data loss. Not only is the PowerVault 122T tape autoloader Dell certified, tested and validated to work on Dell servers, it is also backed by Dell technical support. You can rely on Dell’s proven leadership and quality to ensure your data is protected and accessible. The PowerVault 122T tape autoloader brings tape backup automation to environments looking for exceptional value, power, simplicity and reliability.

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SDL 320 122T


Technology DLT VS80 SDLT 320 LTO™-1 LTO-2
Cartridge capacity Up to eight Up to eight Up to eight Up to eight
Media DLTtape IV SDLTtape 1 or DLTtape IV LTO Ultrium LTO Ultrium 1/2
Drive cartridge capacity:
Uncompressed 40GB 160GB 100GB 200GB
Compressed 80GB 320GB 200GB 400GB
Maximum autoloader capacity
Uncompressed 320GB 1280GB 800GB 1600GB
Compressed 640GB 2560GB 1.6TB 3.2TB
Transfer and backup rate
Uncompressed maximums 3MB/s 10.8GB/hr 16MB/s 58GB/hr 15MB/s 54GB/hr 35MB/s 126GB/hr
Compressed maximums 6MB/s 21.6GB/hr 32MB/s 115GB/hr 30MB/s 108GB/hr 70MB/s 252GB/hr

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Tape Drive

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SDLT 320 (SDLT-2)


1.28/2.56 TB



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DLT VS80 SDLT 320 LTO™-1 LTO-2

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SDL 320 122T