DUCKBOY Horse Clipper 380W Professional Heavy Duty Horse Grooming Kit Electric Animal Grooming Clipper Trimmer Remover for Horses, Equine, Cattle, Pony and Large Thick Coat Animals


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A.SPECIFICATION Power: 110V Watts: 380W RPM: 2800 Weight: 7.04 lbs. B.Product features 1、These electric clippers are not for the faint-hearted. It is designed for horses, sheep, alpacas and other large animals with heavy hair. 2、In order to better use the product, we suggest that you add lubricating oil and cooling spray when using the scissors. Avoid prolonged use. Spray coolant every few minutes and take a short rest during shearing, otherwise the shearer will get hot. 3、Before and during the scraper, oil must be coated to prolong the life of the scraper and prevent the accumulation of heat. 4、Remember to clean the machine with a brush, replace the carbon brush and oil the blade after each use. Pack well and store in a ventilated place for later use.

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