ETL L Band 8 way active splitter 1090321 dual PSU


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The 8-way active L-band Splitter and L-band Divider from ETL is supplied in a standard 19″ shelf and usually has dual redundant power supplies. LNB powering, DC and 10 MHz pass, and dual redundant amplifiers are also available as options.

ETL L-band Splitters are available with BNC 50Ω (B5), BNC 75Ω (B7), F-type 75Ω(F7), N-type 50Ω (N5)(excluding LD Series Splitters / Dividers) and SMA 50Ω (S5) connectors. The model number suffix represents the input and output connector type and impedance (so for example N5B7 represents N-type 50Ω IN and BNC 75Ω OUT).


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