IBM N3700 2TB FC SATA N-Series 14-Bay External System Storage Array w/2x PSU


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Does not come with drives or caddy’s we have the expansion bays as well on another auction to expand your storage.

IBM N3700 Storage Expansion 2TB FC SATA N-Series 14-Slot/Bay External System Storage Array with 2x Power Supply
Model: N3700
Unit powers on with working fans and indicators
On power up HDD’s indicators blinking for about 20 seconds and then stays solid green
We do not have the necessary resources to do further testing
Rear board connectors are appear to be damage free
Unit includes:
14x 144GB Hard Drives
2x RS-PSU-450-AC1N 440W Power Supply
1x IBM ESH4 Storage Controller Module
Scuffs, scratches, and residual adhesives are present on housing of unit
Unit Dimensions (L” x W” x H”): 21 X 19 X 5-1/4

8 TB maximum volume size
Data ONTAP® software
Upgrade up to 16.8 TB of physical capacity while avoiding service disruption
File and block-level service in a single system
Broad range of built-in features
Fibre Channel disk drives
Multiple supported backup methods including disk- and host-based backup and tape backup to direct, SAN and GbE-attached tape devices

Up to 16.8 TB raw storage capacity
1 GB to 2 GB ECC memory
128 MB to 256 MB nonvolatile memory
Available in 19″ rack-mount configurations
Redundant hot-plug power supplies and cooling
Two integrated full duplex 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports per N3700 controller
Two integrated FC ports per NAS controller
Diagnostic LEDs/OPS

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Max Raw Capacity

16.8 TB

Number of Disk Drives


ECC Memory

1 GB

Nonvolatile memory

128 MB to 256 MB

Hard Drives

14x 144GB

Power Supply

2x RS-PSU-450-AC1N 440W

Storage Controller Module


Unit Dimensions

(L" x W" x H"): 21 X 19 X 5-1/4