NWD‑455 FlexiDome IP Cameras (2 with suspension arms)


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The NWD-455 FlexiDome IP is a high-performance, 1/3-
inch CCD network camera, designed to ensure the
highest possible image quality at all times. This ultracompact and vandal-resistant camera provides DVDlike quality MPEG-4 video at up to 25 and 30 images
per second (for PAL and NTSC respectively) or H.264
encoding. Network video signals are sent over IP
networks and can be received and displayed on a PC
web browser, viewed and recorded using the DiBos
hybrid recording system, or managed as part of a
VIDOS or BVMS video management system. Moreover,
a BOSCH Video over IP (BVIP) decoder can decode the
stream for viewing on a CVBS or VGA monitor.
FlexiDome IP uses H.264 or MPEG-4 compression,
bandwidth throttling, and multicasting capabilities to
manage bandwidth and storage requirements
efficiently, while delivering the best image quality and
resolution. The analog video service output and the onscreen displays (OSD) simplify focus adjustment and
network configuration, leading to lower installation
and support costs. Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes
installation easier and more cost-effective, since these
cameras no longer require AC power.