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Wohler Touch-it Plus Overview

The Wohler Touch-it Plus Dual 7″ High-Resolution LCD Video Display Monitor & Router is a multi-channel audio & video color monitor that offers a simple and convenient way to monitor multi-channel CVBS (composite) analog video and audio, and provides route switching in a compact size. The unit is 3RU in height and installs into an industry standard 19” (49cm) wide rack.

It also features audio monitoring of twelve stereo analog audio inputs on DB-25 connectors, left and right internal speakers, and routing functions. The monitored audio follows the selected video output on XLR connectors. There are switches for setting audio line out logic, attenuation, and volume pre / post selection. The unit features 7” (18cm) dual high resolution color LCD panels, offering video confidence monitoring for up to 12 channels of composite video.

The left 7” (18cm) monitor displays twelve 1.8” (4.57cm) thumbnail images. When one of these images is touched, it appears on the right screen at full size, and its signal is sent to a video output BNC connector for monitoring on an external display. LCD backlights may be turned off to conserve power and backlight life, leaving all other functions powered.

The rear panel features twelve CVBS video inputs on BNC connectors, twelve active loop-through outputs on BNC connectors (negating the need for termination selection), and 2 selected video outputs on BNC connectors. The included external power supply is plugged into the unit via an industry standard DIN connector.

The Touch-It Plus is also equipped with 12 stereo analog audio inputs, internal speakers, line out of selected audio, and audio switching to follow selected video (AFV). Its front panel contains a headphone jack, internal speakers, and internal / external audio monitoring switches, providing an opportunity to route audio to the line out, internal speakers, or both.

The rear panel features 12 video inputs on BNC connectors, twelve active loop-through outputs on BNC connectors, and 2 selected video outputs on BNC connectors. The Touch-It Plus is suitable for video monitoring in mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, duplication, and postproduction applications.

Fits in a 3U standard 19″ (49cm) rack space with shallow depth for installation in tight spaces
Dual 7″ (18cm) high-resolution LCD monitor offers video confidence monitoring for up to 12 channels
Touch-screen features twelve thumbnail images of available video channels for monitoring, touching a thumbnail image selects that channel for monitoring full size on the Target and for routing from the selected out connectors
Selectable 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio for target display and 4:3 fixed aspect ratio for thumbnail displays
Video display controls for the target for brightness, contrast, tint, color; video controls are set and memorized for each of the twelve video inputs
Twelve CVBS video inputs on BNC connectors and twelve CVBS video active loop-through outputs on BNC connectors (active loop-through outputs do not require termination selection)
Twelve stereo analog audio inputs on three DB-25 connectors, selected audio outputs on 2 XLR connectors, lef t/ right internal speakers, and a headphone output; audio selection follows video selection
LCD display backlights may be turned off separately from main unit power
Low power consumption and minimal power dissipation for a low operating temperature
External universal AC mains power supply plugs into industry standard DIN connector on rear panel
Durable, scratch-resistant touch screen panel with estimated life of 35 million + touches
Internal mid-range speakers accommodate 2 audio channels for input monitoring
NTSC or PAL auto-sensing
Provides audio confidence monitoring for up to 12 stereo pairs of analog audio and the audio follows the video (AFV)
Front panel includes headphone jack and line / speaker switch
External power supply
LCD on / off switch
Active loop-out