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Wand/pen barcode scanner, an ergonomic and compact device best suited for low-volume applications. It’s likely that a wand barcode scanner such as the MS100 offers the best form factor for your application. As the least expensive type of barcode scanner in the market, there’s a lot to be said about the lasting value of a wand barcode scanner.

Target Markets / Applications
Wand barcode scanners are the most accurate solution when an application calls for scanning multiple barcodes on a sheet of paper. It is much easier to run a pen scanner across the correct barcode than the alternative – aiming a laser directly on it without hitting any others accidentally. The MS100 can also read barcodes that are too wide for traditional barcode scanners to capture effectively.

• Libraries: Check-In / Check-Out
• SMB: Light Inventory

Accurate and efficient, the MS100 is powerful enough to meet a wide variety of data entry needs. The MS100 wand barcode scanner can read any linear (1D) barcode even if it’s faded, damaged, or printed with low contrast.

No downloads are required for installation and no configuration is necessary. Simply plug the wand scanner into your computer to start working. Scan by sweeping the tip across a barcode in any direction. Listen for the confirmation beep and you’re all finished.

Proven Value
Simply the most cost-effective solution for low volume scanning. Though cumbersome for applications where hundreds of barcodes need to be captured in a work shift, the MS100 wand barcode scanner is a proven solution in less scan-intensive environments. A 2-year warranty and a durable design make for a lasting investment. The strong ABS plastic enclosure endures repeated 5-foot falls to concrete and seals the device against various environmental hazards such as dust and dirt. With no moveable parts, wand scanners are oftentimes the most durable types of barcode scanners out there.

Small and Ergonomic
The pc- wandis designed to be both lightweight and compact. With an ergonomic grip, your team will benefit from a comfortable scanning experience.

• Reads all common 1D barcodes
• Plug and Play
• Multiple interface options
• Ergonomic grip

Additional information


pc- wand


barcode scanner

Light Source

650 ~ 660nm

Depth of field

0.04" (1.0mm)


5 mils (0.127mm)

Reading Angle

45 to 90 degree

Supply Voltage

5V DC 10%

Surge Power

< 800mA

Working Current

60mA 10mA

Operating Temperature

32 F to 122 F (0 C to 50 C)

Storage Temperature

-4 F to 140 F (-20 C to 60 C)


20% to 85% RH non-condensing

Drop test

1.5-Meter / 5-Foot Drop Threshold