Polycom VSX 7000 VGA Concert Speaker


Comes with speaker only.  Please check our other auctions for cables and adapters

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Comes with speaker only.  Please check our other items for cables and adapters.

The Polycom VSX 7000 Conference Phone and Visual Concert expansion module. This product has been factory refurbished, making it in like new condition.

The Polycom VSX 7000 is Polycom’s latest set-top platform for video conferencing.
The Polycom VSX 7000 supports up to 2Mpbs calling, H.264 video compression, 14KHz audio, and H.239 PC content support.
The Polycom VSX 7000 can also support ISDN with optional network modules.
The Polycom VSX 7000 can also be upgraded to a 4-Site multi-point system.
The Polycom VSX 7000 can be placed on top of any TV or XGA display, providing quality video conferencing and can support additional displays, Polycom microphones, a speaker kit, additional Polycom network modules, multipoint features and more.
The Polycom VSX 7000 features optimal motion handling and video resolution and is capable of providing natural motion and clear images for an optimal video conferencing experience.

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VSX 7000 and Visual Concert w/much more